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I take care about people

About me

I’m Bettina Bühlmann, born in 1961 in Ticino, in the beautiful town of Lugano and as you can evince from my name, I have northern origins, as my father is from the German part of Switzerland and my mother from Germany.

I grew up in Ticino in middle of nature and with different animals who lived with my parents and me in our family house. Some of them arrived as a present, others just arrived and took our house as their new home and others have been found and saved! I have wonderful memories about these times that gave me so much joy and adventures and even today I‘m in close contact with nature, animals and all what is natural and authentic as these are my sources of energy and vitality.

I also had the chance to travel a lot, a passion that allowed me to extend my horizons, to learn foreign languages and gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I worked a few years abroad and then in the Southern part of Switzerland, Ticino, in different fields as a management assistant, in Hotels, in pharmaceutical companies and for 15 years in a fiduciary office and became self-employed at end 2015.

I’m a reliable, accurate and a good organiser, but the quality that characterises me, is the capacity to understand what people want and to help them to find optimal solutions.

These characteristics and my long-lasting work experience got me to offer different services, about which I take care of personally:

Di me

My services


Tailor made secretarial and administrative services

At present it often happens that you need a secretary or an assistant only for a limited time period, or for a single job, in order to control your expenses.


Maybe you need a job to be done in a foreign language, but it is too complicated for you, or maybe you are very busy with the  marketing of a new product or you have any other short time projects,  and so, during this time, you need someone who will take care about the general office work, who can issue and follow-up invoices and make the payments, or maybe you’re starting a new activity and you need some assistance in order to organise the activity and the office.   

In this case, it would be a pleasure to help and assist you.

I love
the attention
to detail

Private Events organisation


This has always been my passion, organise a party for an important jubilee on a wonderful location, including the catering, the music, the decorations, the flowers, and all what you desire, or organise a party at your home, or maybe organise a special tour for you and your friends.


The organisation of events for people who would like to find someone who takes care about their project, someone who takes to heart their event, who exactly understands what they’re looking for and make it to an unique and unforgettable moment.

The organisation of an event, from my point of view, is about the same as if somebody would ask you to paint a painting for him. You start asking him the size of the picture, which colours he loves, if he would like a special subject or if prefers a surprise, if the painting should be painted with thin and delicate traits or determined brush stokes, if he is more attracted by minimalism or by paintings rich in shapes and colours, the kind of frame that he would like, and so, one trait than the other, the painting starts to be alive and takes on a form, until it turns into a wonderful and unique masterpiece.

If this is what you desire, then it would be a great pleasure for me to organise you an event.

Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi
Bewelcome Bettina Buehlmann - Eventi

Relocation Service


When you move to a foreign country it’s nice to find a welcoming person that helps you with the transfer to the new country, or better Ticino, in order to find immediately all what you need and feel comfortable.


Maybe you want somebody who helps you to find a home, or follows the renovation of your home and helps you to find the right artisans, or maybe you need assistance to find the right school for your children, you look for somebody who brings you to visit your new home and the surroundings in order to feel more familiar.


Somebody who helps you to organise the relocation and looks forward in order that you find everything you need at your new home at the day of arrival. Somebody who can recommend you a bank and a fiduciary office of your choice, that will help you with the immigration formalities and application forms as well as with a possible company foundation.

If this is what you’re looking for, then I will be glad to meet your requirements.



+41 (0)79 8003908

Bettina Bühlmann


Vicolo Vecchio 15


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